Nom Chompsky (deathbytamarind) wrote in offtocollege,
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I'm new here, and I'm also new to college.

I'm 20 and I started my first semester of college in August at a local JC.

I have three classes this semester (only 9 units because I also work pretty close to full time) and only one of them I have tests and such in. The other is a writing class, so I just have to write for it. And the other is a PE Theory class.

I had my first test in my broadcasting class, and I got an A. I have my midterm next week and I also expect to get an A.

College is okay, my classes aren't so bad. And I like the courses I'm taking for my major (journalism).

I just wanted to say "Hey" and all that, and I'll be posting more in the future.
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