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i want out of high school...

i need to find the top 10 nursing schools in the new england area, and in Pennsylvaina (i don't care if it's spelled wrong... i'm too tired to go look it up) because i want to know what stuff will be like and yeah... i want to go to college already! i'm sick of high school. the farthest i will go is PA... that's a 4 hour drive.... heh, make that a 300 mile radius then. i want to be able to come home every other month but stull live at a dorm... i don't want to live at home. i want the dorm life, and i want the mental health nursing degree. now i just gotta find the school... and google isn't exactly working the way i'd like. guidance better hurry up with that college stuff... i need to know now!! i'm too damn antsy, i think. but i'd still like to read up on the top ten. for once, the web isn't helping me much.

i need help ;_;
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